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Vigrax Review

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Erectile dysfunction has been more widespread than you might think for ages. Nevertheless, for many men, so-called erectile dysfunction is a very personal, touching and embarrassing issue. Often, self-confidence suffers, not least the relationship and partnership. This is precisely where Vigrax promises an effective and, above all, lasting remedy. We have had our own experiences and present them to you in a detailed test.

  • 100% natural
  • No side effects
  • Without a prescription

Natural ingredients: While other potentiants are primarily based on artificial chemical drug chains such as sildenafil, Vigrax consists of 100% natural ingredients.

Free from side effects: Users of artificial agents often report not insignificant side effects such as headache, dysepsia (pain in the upper abdomen, vomiting…), temporary loss of vision and a high burden on the cardiovascular system. On the other hand, no side effects are known with the use of Vigrax to this day.

Recipe-free: In addition, Vigrax is completely over-the-counter, which is based not least on the natural yet effective ingredients. It can therefore be tried safely and carefree, whereas the intake of e.g. Sildenafil must be discussed and planned with a doctor.

In this article, we take a close look at the supplement for you. How exactly does it work? Does it keep what it promises? What are the costs and where can I get the original cheaply? All experiences at a glance.

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Vigrax Experiences and Test

What helps with erectile dysfunction?

Despite the fact that the phenomenon is known, science is still not clear about exactly how potency weakness arises. From purely physical causes to lifestyle and diet effects to mental backgrounds, a lot of discussion is currently taking place. In the event of permanent or chronic dysfunction, one should in any case seek advice from a specialist and clarify the very personal background. The more uncertain we are with our situation, the more it can become entrenched and have a negative impact on our self-confidence and relationship. You feel more and more under pressure and the problems are only getting worse.

Vigrax could be the right solution,because it promises a holistic and sustainable approach to prescription drugs, which almost always have significant side effects. It is available completely over-the-counter and consists of natural active ingredients. However, be careful about dubious offers or false promises on the Internet. Often problem situations are exploited to make fast money, e.g. with imitations or dangerous counterfeits.

Find out in detail how Vigrax is the right remedy for you and how you want to try it out. Choose a trusting and reliable source to buy. Our information page takes you exclusively to the official manufacturer’s page with reliable and discreet delivery, secure payment and, above all, with the original product

What exactly is Vigrax?

Vigrax is a sexual enhancer for men with erectile dysfunction that is available without a prescription. It works reliably against erectile dysfunction and boosts natural libido. Men who have had experiences with Vigrax report that they have regained a significantly increased sexual performance. Their self-confidence is strengthened and, above all, for the relationship, a completely new feeling of trust arises. Vigrax is 100% natural ingredients and is therefore free of side effects. All ingredients are well tolerated and well absorbed by the body.

The male enhancement product regulates the hormonal balance, increases blood circulation and the achievement and duration of the erection. It thus compensates for the often very versatile causes of erectile dysfunction such as stress, lack of exercise, one-sided diet, smoking or alcohol consumption. The potency is permanently increased,which means that over a period of a few days a level of effect is built up and after that not every time before sex a pill has to be taken.

Vigrax is suitable for men of all ages. The drug is used in a so-called Vigrax course, in which one takes two tablets daily. Already after the first days of ingestion, the effect starts noticeably and most users report a full development of the increase in potency after about 7 days. The recommended treatment is at least 90 days, but ideally 180 days.

The low cost of the supplement is tailored to the duration of the treatment, so that a sustainable success can always be achieved. In contrast to other enhancers, Vigrax does not act once after taking the pill, but permanently. Vigrax users report from a very natural result: they permanently regained their normal and natural potency.

Vigrax in test

The Vigrax effect

The effect is simple and effective because it optimally regulates testosterone levels and has a positive effect on sexual performanceby raising hormone levels. This makes it easier to achieve an erection that can last long.

The causes of erection problems are manifold and we have already addressed various problems above. Vigrax promises an effective remedy. We tried and tested it ourselves and in short: we are really convinced. Our Vigrax experience: it has already caused a noticeable effect in a short time and after about 7 days the effect was completely evident. And what can we say, our love life has had a lasting impact. A blessing for the relationship. Vigrax is an all-round talent with a whole range of benefits:

  • Significant increase in potency
  • Better blood circulation
  • More sexual performance
  • New energy and vitality
  • Larger and harder erection that lasts a long time
  • Testosterone levels are increased
  • Back to a fulfilling sex life

All in all, we are talking about a really promising solution, which is also completely safe. And above all: it works.

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Ingredients of Vigrax

In short, Vigrax contains extremely high-quality and exclusively natural ingredients such as L-arginine, Korean ginseng, an extract of tribulus (mexican or texas sandbur) and natural guarana. We take a close look at all the ingredients:


Vigrax L-Arginin

L-arginine is an amino acid that positively regulates the cardiovascular system. L-arginine is successfully used as a true potency uplift as it increases erectile capacity and acts specifically in erectile dysfunction. Through L-arginine, men can get a hard erection that can be maintained for a long time.

Korean ginseng

Vigrax Ginseng

Korean ginseng is known from both classical and Chinese/Korean medicine as an effective and high-quality medicinal plant. Due to its high efficacy, the Korean ginseng root is used in many medicines and pharmaceutical products. Korean ginseng generally has a positive effect on health and gives the body more strength and stamina. The metabolism is positively stimulated and the hormone balance is regulated naturally. In addition, Korean ginseng acts on our nerve pathways and increases concentration and blood circulation. The plant helps to cause sexual stimuli to result in an erection and thus increases erection ability.

Extract of sandburn

Vigrax Sandburn

Tribulus Terrestris, also known as sandburn, is a medicinal herb from tropical and subtropical regions with distribution mainly in Asia, Africa, southern Europe and the northern regions of Australia. The plant is also used as an aphrodisiac. Laboratory studies have shown that sandburn increases potency. The active ingredient contained in the plant promotes blood circulation and increases testosterone levels, an important basis for the formation and maintenance of a strong natural erection.


Vigrax Guarana

Guarana is native to the Amazon and is a caffeinated plant with a positive effect on the bloodstream and vessels. Guarana thus has a beneficial effect on a strong erection. In addition, mind and body are enlivened.

Side Effects, Dosage and Use

According to the manufacturer, Vigrax does not cause any side effects. We have had our own experiences with Vigrax and have not seen any side effects. So you can try it in good conscience and get a picture for yourself. However, with a purely plant-based remedy, such as Vigrax, one should always pay attention to existing allergies, food intolerances or sensitivities towards one of the ingredients in order to be able to exclude allergic reactions.

In case of susceptibility to high blood pressure, a heart condition or even in case of possible interactions with other medications, especially cardiovascular agents, one should be careful. Finally, the sexual enhancer stimulates the circulation. In case of doubt consult a doctor regarding the intake.

Vigrax box

Vigrax is declared as a dietary supplement and is presented in capsule form. As a result, they are easy to take and the ingredients can be optimally absorbed by the body. The recommended dosage is two capsules per daythat are taken with water. There are no fixed intake times. The capsules are in a robust plastic box that is easy to close. One box usually contains a monthly ration of 60 capsules.

With two capsules daily, the optimal effect is achieved, which starts after just a few days and unfolds the full effect within 7 to 9 days. This is a very good performance for a 100% natural sexual enhancer. Within 3 months, a significant improvement can be expected once again, because Vigrax builds up its efficiency sustainably and the success will stay permanently. In order to maintain the effect, the product must be taken further.

Clinical trials and test findings

Vigrax is one of a handful of enhancement supplements that have undergone extensive clinical trials and laboratory tests prior to launch. The test persons confirmed both the effect of the drug and that it did not cause side effects. Studies and user tests are repeated regularly and the drug is now considered to be long-term tested. Laboratory tests confirm the natural composition and mode of action.

From the studies, as many as 96% of the users reported an increase in erectile capacity. A similar picture emerges from research on the Internet. There are always websites that are sceptical. On closer inspection, however, these are usually suppliers of competing products. In general, the vigrax experience of the users is very positive and confirms the clinically tested efficacy. The sexual performance of the past is regained and a harder and longer erection is achieved. Men also often report that after orgasm the recovery phase is shorter and the lovemaking can thus continue for hours.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Confirmed in laboratory tests
  • Sustainable, lasting impact
  • Free from side effects
  • Recipe-free and safe

Vigrax Review

In a comparison, we put Vigrax to the test with the classic Sildenafil. In particular, there are clear differences in the content composition, mode of action but also in the side effects and not least in the price. We have compiled these Vigrax experiences in a table.

 Sildenafil (e.g. Viagra)VIGRAX
Ingredientchemical drug chain SildenafilGinseng, L-Arginine, Earth-Sandburn, Guarana
CompositionChemicallyOf course
MechanismSildenafil relies on the principle of the so-called PDE-5 inhibitor, which was originally conceived as a remedy for heart problems. The enzyme blocker is supposed to inhibit the swelling of the corpus cavl. However, a healthy libido must already be present.L-arginine is one of the main effects of Vigrax and is used by competitive athletes as well as for erectile dysfunction. The blood circulation and stiffness of the corpus cavity is directly affected. The development of the natural libido ability is sustainably developed with the duration of application by the so-called Vigrax course.
Duration of action acute40 minutes to 4 hoursindividual, build-up of full active power after a few days of ingestion, then lasting effect
Duration of action sustainablenot availableThanks to Vigrax-Kur also continuously without further support
Side Effectsheadache, dysepsia (pain in the upper abdomen, vomiting…), temporary loss of vision, high strain on the cardiovascular systemNo
AvailabilityOn prescription, after consultation with a doctorFree and without a prescription available
Price per tablet/capsulefrom approx. $14.50from $0.35

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How much does Vigrax cost and where can I order it?

Original Vigrax cannot be found in pharmacies or drugstores, but only on the official manufacturer’s page on the Internet, which you can reach via our website. Marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay always have offers, but their origin and authenticity are not guaranteed. The same is reflected in the customer reviews. If you stick to the official manufacturer’s side, you can’t do anything wrong.

Vigrax costs between 45 and 35 cents depending on the number of packs ordered. Payment and delivery via the official manufacturer’s website is absolutely safe and reliable. Shipping takes place within 24 hours, is free of charge and in a completely neutral packaging. In addition, there is a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Our conclusion

Vigrax is not as well known as other sexual enhancers. The experiences of a lot of men and not least our own tests are consistently positive. Above all, the sustainable, lasting effect, no side effects, the natural ingredients and the fact that the sexual enhancer is available over-the-counter have convinced us. Thanks to Vigrax, you get back your potency from the past and also feel much more powerful overall. And that’s just 100% natural!

We also find the relatively low costs really good. On the official manufacturer’s page you can be sure to get the original and there you can get a whole monthly ration of Vigrax already for under 25 dollars. For this you often only get two individual tablets of Sildenafil, so no comparison at all. We can therefore advise you to try Vigrax and convince yourself.

Would you like to try the original Vigrax?
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Vigrax review. Vigrax promises a lasting remedy. But does Vigrax really work or is it pure rip-off? All experiences and test results...

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